April 22, 2009

OPPORTUNITIES: Staying Alive Global Youth Advisory Panels

Staying Alive believes that change lies in the hands of young people – and that if the dynamics of the HIV epidemic are really to alter then this generation must be informed and empowered. To ensure that youth involvement is always at the forefront of the production and decision making of its campaign, a Regional and Global Youth Advisory Panels will be developed and implemented for Staying Alive.

The youth panels will ensure that Staying Alive initiatives continue to adequately address young peoples’ sexual health concerns and continue to use its global media platform to keep them aware of HIV/AIDS and aid in the prevention of the disease. The youth advisory panels will stand as another essential element in MTV Staying Alive’s frontline in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The youth advisers will be involved in giving feedback on Staying Alive content, participant in pre-testing and help come up with new initiatives for the Staying Alive campaign.

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