April 21, 2009

NEWS: Media shapes children’s thinking (FIJI)

Media shapes children's thinking

The media has become an extremely influential factor in the way children view the world, says Minister for Education, Filipe Bole.

Speaking on World Children's Day Friday, Bole said some media mediums such as television, magazines, and movies negatively affect the younger generation.

"Fiji's media industry needs to realize that to a large extent, it shapes the way our children think and act."

He said that, according to a survey conducted by UNESCO, children watch television on an average of three hours a day.

"The impact of TV violence on aggression seems to be partly due to imitation of the aggressive actions that children see, particularly if they are done by the so-called 'good-guys. The message that our children get is that aggression works to get what you want, and that it's ok to use aggression if you are justified in doing so."

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