April 28, 2009

NEWS / WORKSHOPS: OneMinutesJr workshop in Kyrgyzstan – Day 1

20 children from four different institutions in Kyrgyzstan participate in a OneMinutesJr workshop in the capital Bishkek this week. The youngsters – aged 10 to 17 years old – will share their stories and experiences from the respective children's home or residential school and produce their own 60-second films before the end of the week.

UNICEF and the NGO Everychild have worked together over the last few weeks to make this workshop happen – and today at 9 AM all invited children are in the conference room in Bishkek when the trainers David and Kristina from Amsterdam and Chris from Germany arrive.

The children's "mission" is clear: Express yourselves! Tell us what is good about the institutions you live and, but also what is not so good about them. The workshop this week will feed into a larger conference coming up in mid-May, also in Bishkek. "Building ad Reforming Child Care Systems in Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Turkey" will be on the agenda in about two weeks from today. And child participation will be one of the defining moments of the conference.

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