March 1, 2009

ICDB / ARTICLES: International Children's Day of Broadcasting: My story, my life

International Children's Day of Broadcasting: My story, my life

If you have only 60 seconds to tell a tale so poignant, what would your story be? Why, only those which delve into the greatest of dreams and hopes, like what 20 teenagers have shown in their videos, writes Chai Mei Ling.

The lines were clean and the row of trees stood nice and green. Then, a hand flashed across the screen, carving black bold lines of factories, cars and smog that choked the canvas. But the hand wasn't done; the masterful strokes came back even more vengeful and rendered the painting a disfigured muck.

The animation on the ghastly effects of greenhouse gasses was what Qusyairi Zazili chose to showcase in his one-minute video at the recently concluded theoneminutesjr workshop in Malacca, the first to be held in Malaysia.

Hosted by United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) and the Education Ministry, the workshop empowered 20 teenagers, many from vulnerable and marginalised communities, to produce personal stories about their dreams, lives and aspirations.

The participants, aged 13 to 18, included children from the Orang Asli community, ethnic minorities from Sabah and Sarawak, disabled children and children living in the shadow of HIV and AIDS.

They were taught film and production skills during the five-day event, as a result of which 20 short clips on a myriad of topics were produced.

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