February 17, 2009

OPPORTUNITIES / RADIO: Germany-based youth radio program: call for journalists

Germany-based youth radio program: call for journalists

A Germany-based youth radio program for kids ages 3 -13 worldwide called Radijojo is inviting radio journalists from around the world to contribute and become part of its network.

Radijojo, which invites children to make their own shows, currently produces educational and cultural content with the contributions of schools, communities, radio stations and child projects from countries in five continents.

Programs are focused on early music education, transnational understanding, health education, ethics, environmental education, science programs, language learning, promotion of peace, political awareness, children's literature, etc.

Interested journalists should contribute radio productions in English, French, Spanish or German. Technical support is also needed for regional parts of the network, such as local radio stations and children projects.

To learn more, go to Radio web. http://www.radijojo.de/Contact: feedback@radijojo.de

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