February 16, 2009

OPPORTUNITIES: European Young Journalist Award 2009: Apply now!

European Young Journalist Award 2009: Apply now!

The EYP in partnership with the European Commission and Cafebabel launches the 2009 European Young Journalist Award, a pan-European competition for young journalists. The topic of all applications for both categories must refer to the EU enlargement and/or the future vision of Europe.

In addition to written online or print articles, the 2009 award is also open to radio journalists. Participants' age must be between 17 and 35, and they must come from a EU member state, a candidate or a potential candidate country (Western Balkans and Turkey).

Participants can enter the competition via the dedicated website: www.EUjournalist-award.eu. It also provides information about the EU's enlargement policy, interesting tips on developing a career in journalism, as well as an interactive blog. The competition is open from the 1 February until the 31st of May 2009. For more information visit http://www.eujournalist-award.eu/

The winning articles and radio pieces will be published on the competition website and the articles will also be published in a booklet. The 35 national winners of the 2009 European Young Journalist Award will be invited at the end of August/beginning of September 2009 to a cultural and historical trip to Berlin. At the end of the trip the winners will be able to meet EU representatives, politicians, ambassadors, professional journalists.

Source: EYP newsletter

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