February 16, 2009

ARTICLES: Advertising aimed at children 'unethical'

Advertising aimed at children 'unethical,' says Raffi

By Sarah McGinnis, Calgary Herald February 13, 2009

Direct marketing to young children is "unethical," iconic Canadian children's entertainer Raffi told more than a thousand teachers at the Calgary teachers convention on Thursday.

Raffi Cavoukian, 60, is best known for his signature song Baby Beluga.

He said he has never advertised to kids directly during his three-decade career as a children's entertainer.

"It is unethical to market any products to children who are not old enough to understand the pitch," Cavoukian said.

"There are laws against this in Scandinavian countries and also in Quebec. A child-honouring society would not exploit its children; it would respect them in every way possible."

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