February 20, 2009

NEWS / ARTICLES / CHILDREN'S TV: Metamorphoses of the most popular children's cartoon in Kyrgyzstan

Metamorphoses of the most popular children's cartoon in Kyrgyzstan

How can one make the most popular cartoon in a country even better?

Close your eyes. Imagine you are running with your best friend in a field, with a beautiful kite flying high in the sky above you. You are breathless with joy. But wait! You are really in a vaccination room getting an important immunization. And a few moments ago you were so very scared. So it is with little Akylay and Aktan. With the advice of his best friend, Akylay, little Aktan imagines a happy thought and it worked perfectly: no fear at all, and in fact the vaccination was over before he knew it.

Who are Aktan and Akylay? Almost any child in Kyrgyzstan can tell you. They are the two main characters of ‘Keremet Koch’ (‘Magic Journey’), the animated programme produced by the National TV and Radio Corporation. Since the end of 2006, every day during prime time television, Aktan and Akylay have been gathering Kyrgyz children in front of the TV screen for five minutes of entertainment and education. These five minutes take them on an adventure in a fairy tale world that supports early childhood development and gives children and their parents helpful advice.

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