October 16, 2008

NEWS / RESEARCH: Print media gets a shot of youth serum (SOUTH AFRICA)

Print media gets a shot of youth serum

The latest release of SAARF's All Media and Products Survey, AMPS 2008A, shows that it is in fact the South African youth which has been driving the significant growth of print media, which occurred over AMPS 2007B. “The media growth seen in AMPS proves that with the young crowd, we're not looking at an either/or situation when it comes to traditional versus new media,” says SARF CEO, Dr Paul Haupt.

“Yes, they're techno-savvy and so will readily turn to the Net or cellphones to get the information they need, but they enjoy reading print for the same reason older generations do,” he continues.

Across the world, publishers of traditional print titles have feared that the rise of alternative sources of content, such as the Internet and mobile phones, would see the wholesale decline of their readership figures. Young people in particular, born into a technologically advanced world, were thought to be the most likely to turn their backs on the old forms of media.

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