October 15, 2008

ARTICLES / WEBSITES: Kidz to show us the future of the web

Kidz to show us the future of the web

Social Media is unavoidable. Most of us have at one point or another become hopelessly addicted to some social media network such as Facebook, YouTube or one of the many other options out there. The web has quickly evolved from an information and shopping portal to a global community of bloggers, taggers, stumblers and sharers. As we adults become more and more engrossed with the internet as a community and sharing tool, a new generation of early adopters are creating their own private web 2.0 revolution. Leading this revolution and a lot of the media attention that comes with it is child-friendly social media browser;  KidZui.

full article at http://www.bigmouthmedia.com/live/articles/kidz-to-show-us-the-future-of-the-web.asp/5239/


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