October 20, 2008

ARTICLES / EVENTS: How to Bring Europe Closer to its Youth (CAUCASUS)

How to Bring Europe Closer to its Youth  

The FINANCIAL -- It’s common knowledge that today standards for the competitive labour market are very high in Europe. Young people need to improve their education by examining new forms of learning in Europe.

Making new contacts and cooperating with community media centres in Poland, Germany and Ukraine . This was the issue the participants discussed during the conference “Europe and the Caucasus: Youth, Media, Education” which took place on 5 October, 2008 at Caucasus University in Tbilisi .

Young Georgians, Armenians and Azeris took part in the conference.

“We want to create a programme of the political education “Academy of Democracy” for Georgia. That’s why an agreement with Caucasus University was signed in September. The second programme is a variety of seminars and trainings on journalism for the citizens of Caucasian countries as well as cooperation for the creation of a European community TV programme via the internet,” commented Michal Wojcik, coordinator of the project.

“Citizen media is especially popular in Germany. The citizens can make their own products and express opinions. What we want to create is a unified system of European Citizen Media. Citizen media exists, but it’s not enough. In Germany a special tax system guarantees the existence of this media. If the government won’t support citizen media it will be very difficult to raise funds,” Dr Joachim Musholt, General Director, Citizens Media Centre Bennohaus, told The FINANCIAL.

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