August 5, 2008

PROJECTS: New machinima produced by teens in Global Kids (USA)

Throughout the 2007-2008 Global Kids Virtual Video Project after-
school program, 20+ high school students used machinima to create
short films and public service announcements that relate to important
global issues.

"Race To Equality" is a short video that displays the students'
impressive understanding of both digital media and important
international issues. Through Race To Equality, the 15 young creators
illustrate a poignant story about the struggle of three individuals in
Tibet, Brazil and the U.S. to overcome institutional racism in their
respective countries. While the stories are fictional, they are based
on research with the U.N. about unequal access to education and
financial aid in China, Brazil and the U.S. In the film, the
characters document their experiences at the U.N. Headquarters,
underlying the film's central message about the necessity to take
social action to overcome such obstacles.

The new film, Race to Equality, which premiered on Thursday, June 26th
at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab in Manhattan, welcomed over 60
attendees, including teachers, friends and families of the young
filmmakers, with opening remarks by Global Kids' Executive Director
Carole Artigiani.

Race To Equality is the culmination of the year-long Virtual Video
Project, an after-school program conducted by Global Kids, Inc. The
students gathered regularly during the past year to learn about film
production, global access to education, and virtual worlds. Their
knowledge and efforts resulted in the production of Race To Equality,
a year-end project on the struggle of individuals from Brazil, Tibet,
and the United States to overcome racism in higher education.

The students represent a range of high schools from Brooklyn and
Queens, including, Aviation High School, James Baldwin School, the
Academy of American Studies, Banneker Academy, and Hostos Academy.

The Virtual Video Project is part of Global Kids' Online Leadership
Program (OLP) and made possible with funding from the John D. and
Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the New York City Department of
Youth and Community Development. The project was also supported by the
Campaign for Educational Equity at Columbia University.

Please help us by spreading the word, and enjoy the film online.

Also click here for more details or read their blogs on our website.

Tabitha Tsai
Online Leadership Program
Multimedia Curriculum Specialist

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