August 5, 2008

CALL FOR ENTRIES: EMYAN Online Arts Festival

CALL FOR ENTRIES: EMYAN Online Arts Festival

The use of internet tools has been in increase in our social and professional lives since new techniques were adapted to facilitate the use of communications tools over the internet in general.

Web 2.0 is a term describing the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users. These concepts have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities and hosted services, such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies.

In order to promote the use of internet tools in arts, EMYAN launched in May 2007 art 2.0 Initiative.

Leaping into the world of information and communication technology gave the today arts a new dimension which will help forming the arts of the future. Giving new ideas of creation of new arts and also merging of some of the existing arts.

New aims and purposes of art have been arisen in the last few years arguing the world to put a definition of this newly created multi-purpose easy to distribute art.

Euro-Med Young Artists Network is launching a call for entries for its 1st Online Arts Festival which is scheduled to be held online on October 2008.

The festival is in its pilot edition and is organized under EMYAN ZeroBudget Initiative, if it is proved to be successful and gets good feedbacks, it will be adapted to be organized annually and put under more development for its second edition next year.

The festival is open for young artists (up to 30 years old) living in one of the Euro-Med countries in all fields of arts that can be published on the web, special section for web-based arts.

The Rules and Regulations:

1- Geographical Scope:

All Europe & Mediterranean

2- Age Scope:

From 15 to 30 years old.

3 - Entries:

The online entry form is essential and must be completed and submitted online before the deadline. No other way will be accepted.

Multiple entries are encouraged. The same entry can be submitted into different categories. However, it is obligatory to fill in an individual entry form for each category.

4 - Year of Productions:

All entries must have been produced after January 1st, 2005.

5 - Closing Date:

All festival entries must be submitted via the online form no later than September 20th, 2008.

6 - Language Versions: (For lingual entries)

Entries can have any language version.

Non-English versions must have subtitles/description and one written page synopsis in English (optional)

7 - Categories:

All art categories are welcomed as long as it can be published on the internet on any way possible as photos, videos, text or Audio.

Special category for web-based arts.

8 - Rights of Use:

By submitting a festival entry the participant declares, that he is entitled to dispose of all rights to the use of the entry and vouches for these rights vis-a-vis EMYAN. The participant warrants that the rights of use held by all authors, owners of ancillary copyrights and other parties involved in the production of the festival entry, except for the rights safeguarded by the performing rights societies, have been acquired in a due and proper manner and the exploitation of the festival entry is not barred by personality rights or other third party rights in any manner whatsoever.

When submitting a festival entry the participant transfers rights to the use of the festival entry, specifically the right to demonstrate the entry in public either in whole or in part or to distribute the entry in whole or in part on a "Festival Reel" or similar, to the festival. All aforementioned transfers of use shall be of worldwide validity.

EMYAN is encouraging all participant to license their entries via the Creative Common website (

The festival will be online on EMYAN website from 10 - 20 October 2008.

Performing arts/Music Performance entries will be kindly requested to live broadcast their performance via the internet on one of the festival days.

9 - Hosting of Entries:

Public websites: YouTube, flickr, bliptv, Stickam, DailyMotion, Google Video or any similar website.

Artist's private website or blog.

EMYAN can provide space on its website for artist who need it.

10 - Judging:

Work is judged not just on its creative and technical excellence, but also on how well it speaks to its target audience. International, independent expert jury groups from the participated countries will judge all entries prior to the festival event. Entries are not judged on budget. Entries from large or small organizations have an equal chance of being selected. During the festival, visitors to the festival will be kindly asked to rate the entries. 60% for each selected entry credits will be extracted from the visitors' ratings and 40% from the jury.

11 - Awards:

All the awards are in kind.

All Entries must be submitted using the Online Festival Entry From If you are facing problems using the online form, kindly contact us at (art2 AT emyan DOT org)

Should you have any enquiries, contact us at (info AT emyan DOT org)

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