August 20, 2008

NEWS / PROJECTS: Youth media campaign targets city violence

Youth media campaign targets city violence

Effort to focus on their peers

City youths armed with digital cameras and audio recorders will capture images and words and use them to try to persuade their peers to shun violence, under a new city program announced yesterday.

The youths will work on developing this new media campaign this fall and winter with city workers and members of SEIU Local 1199 United Healthcare Workers East, many of whom work at Boston Medical Center, treating victims of violence.

"Young people know how to speak to young people," Veronica Turner, vice president of Local 1199, said at a media conference yesterday at a public health fair at Franklin Park in Dorchester.

The young people will work out of community centers and the union's Dorchester headquarters, creating artwork, music, T-shirts, rap, and poetry to spread messages of peace and the dangers of resorting to knives, guns and other weapons to resolve conflicts.

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