August 26, 2008

NEWS / EVENTS:Cinekid for Professionals Update

Cinekid for Professionals Update

From October 23 until October 26, Cinekid for Professionals is the place to be for anybody involved with Children and the Media. Readings, seminars, a change to meet fellow professionals, screenings of the best and latest international productions and an opportunity to be kept up to date with very latest developments and trends.
With only eight weeks to go, Cinekid for Professionals is proud to present the first outline of the programme.

Meetings & Seminars
Seminar scriptwriting for children - Creating Modern Heroes (October 23)
Each time has it's own young heroes. In stories told for children and youth the choice of heroes and heroines reflects the prevalent ideas and ideals on childhood of the time. A group of international scriptwriters will give their personal view on Modern Heroes, illustrated with video fragments, followed by a panel discussion on how to create strong characters.

Seminar - When will virtual worlds grow up? (October 24)
Virtual worlds have become increasingly popular among young people in recent years. But are these worlds really living up to their potential? In this seminar designers and researchers will look into ways how children can get more out of virtual worlds.

Expert Meeting - Developing New Strategies for European Children Films (October 25)
The digital revolution has changed the ways films are produced, distributed and consumed. How do these new trends affect the future of the European children's films? How can the European film industry and other stakeholders create optimal opportunities in developing new talent, production, distribution and audience development?

ScreeningClub (October 23, 24, 25 and 26)
In the ScreeningClub, distributors, sales agents, television buyers and other international purchasers will be able to view and purchase more than 200 recent, high quality feature films, short films, documentaries, animation and television series for children.

Junior Television Market (October 24) and Junior Film Market (October 25)
The Junior Television Market and the Junior Film Market offer international producers and financers the chance to meet one another, get to know each other's projects, and initiate and encourage co-operation. During the course of the markets, a number of one-to-one meetings will be arranged so that producers and financers can discuss production content and make co-production deals.

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