August 29, 2008

NEWS / EVENTS: Countdown For 8th Nordic Talents

Countdown For 8th Nordic Talents


In only seven days Copenhagen will host the 8th Nordic Talents (September 4-6) where some 200 film and TV professionals from the region will view 20 films from Nordic graduates, listen to 12 film pitches and catch up with what upcoming talents are up to. We take an inside look at the event.
Nordic Talents 2008

Organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond in conjunction with the Danish Film School, the Nordic Talents has become a 'must attend' for Nordic professionals - film institute consultants, broadcasters, producers, film schools, former and future graduates - who can meet in a friendly atmosphere, keep track of who is doing what and discover new talents.

Svend Abrahamsen, founder of NT who now teaches film at the Danish Film School, says that the event has fulfilled his original wish. "I wanted to do something for Nordic graduate students ready to enter the Nordic film industry and thought that we should create a platform where people could get to know each other and talk about how they felt about film. This has totally succeeded," notes Abrahamsen. "Unlike at film festivals where professionals come to watch movies, here, those who come are interested in each other and interested in the people."

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