March 11, 2008


Ethiopian giraffe captures children's hearts

11 February 2007 (BWNS)

The marriage of a local schoolteacher and an American software developer has resulted in the birth of a young giraffe that has captured the imagination of children in Ethiopia.

Tsehai, a hand puppet and star of a new television show in the Amharic language, is the brain-child of Bruktawit and Shane Etzenhouser.

Styled after classic children's programs like "Sesame Street," "Tsehai Loves Learning" is designed to help youngsters with reading and also develop other skills, including interacting responsibly with the environment. Indeed, the curious and adventurous Tsehai lives in a world of computer graphics fashioned to resemble the Ethiopian outdoors.

"The show is performing well so far," said Seifu Seyoum, head of program services for ETV, the national TV station. "I myself have two children, and every morning they want to watch Tsehai. There are many children and parents who like this show."

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