March 5, 2008

ARTICLES: No kid stuff this (INDIA)

No kid stuff this

5 Mar 2008

Attack!" the battle cry resonates... a bunch of kids are busy playing their favourite game, bringing to life characters of the popular children's television show Power Rangers.

Imaginary swords and other fancy gadgets come into play as kids don the role of their favourite ranger, mouth dialogues and strike martial art poses. You know it's a make-believe world, but it begins to alarm you — are they learning violence the play way, even if the characters are well-intended super heroes out on a mission to save the world?


Is censorship the answer, considering that the Minister of Women and Child Development, Renuka Chowdhury is also recommending censorship? The answer we get is a surprising 'No'. Film critic GLN Reddy says, "What's a Hindu mythological animated series without the battle scenes? The 'soft core' violence in some cartoons is something which parents themselves love to watch. Besides what's the point of censoring TV shows, when children have easy access to the internet?"

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