February 29, 2008

ARTICLES: Youth and media in India


The media has a positive role to play in moulding children and youth. This role is not given or authorised by anyone but the media is vested with this role by itself. Media moulds the character of citizens by providing information, education and entertainment to them. Media also acts as the forum for public discussion and debate thus providing an opportunity for citizens to express their ideas and vent their feelings. When it comes to youth, media provides to them not only information but also educates them on various aspects of the society pertaining to their higher studies, moral and spiritual growth and entertainment needs, among others.
Media in India has to bear in mind that it has to be socially responsible in order to survive and carry on its course of work naturally. Article 19(1) (A) of the Indian Constitution talks about freedom of expression and speech. This covers the freedom of press too. This theoretically means that the media is free to do anything that pleases it. But it is bound by certain limitations and self-imposed moral obligations.


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