January 14, 2008

NEWS / TV: Charity to protect children on TV (UK)

Charity to protect children on TV

*The NSPCC is to set up a new body to protect children who appear on
reality TV after a series of "irresponsible" parenting programmes. *

The charity will bring together experts to advise producers on how to
make sure children are safe when making shows.

It comes after a Channel 4 series included advice to parents to ignore a
baby's cries and children on a BBC show were left with inexperienced

The NSPCC said it feared the rise in reality parenting TV was "harmful".

The society highlighted the recent Channel 4 series Bringing Up Baby,
which used child rearing methods from the 50s, 60s, and 70s advocated by
three mentors.

During the programme, which aired last year, one of the mentors advised
parents to ignore the cries of their infant and resist cuddling them.

The programme generated 752 complaints from viewers but was later
cleared of wrongdoing by media watchdog Ofcom.


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