January 11, 2008

ARTICLES: Analysis: Do Youth Media Habits Predict The Future Of Media?

Analysis: Do Youth Media Habits Predict The Future Of Media?

Authored by Scott Karp on January 9, 2008 - 10:05am.

Fred Wilson wrote the other day about what observing his kids’ media habits tells him about the future of media — I’ve has a similar impulse to try to draw insights from observing real young people’s media habits. But is this the best way to predict the future of media?

When I was a kid, I:

  • Watched a lot of cartoons
  • Watched a lot of TV generally
  • Played a lot of video games
  • Never listened to NPR

  • Didn’t read the New York Times
  • Didn’t use any text-based communication, i.e. never wrote letters

None of these are true anymore. Most striking is I don’t watch any TV. And I spend half my day communicating in text (mostly email). When I was a teenager in the late 80s, just prior to the dawn of the Web era, I’m sure newspaper publishers we’re bemoaning that kids these days don’t read newspapers.

Yet I became a newspaper reader…except that I don’t read newspapers in print…except for my local paper that arrives on my doorstep.

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