December 10, 2007

NEWS / RESEARCH: Cell phones a must-have for kids (CHINA)

Cell phones a must-have for kids
By Yan Zhen 2007-12-10

CELL phones have become a must in nearly half of city pupils' school
bags, while children's poor judgment of information brought by modern
technology worries parents and educators, a latest survey shows.

The survey by researchers at Shanghai University's school of film and TV
asked 534 primary school students, 139 teachers and 173 parents about
their attitudes to media and its impact on children.

Researchers posed the question: What essential item would a pupil return
to pick up at home after he had left for school?

Nearly 47 percent said a mobile phone, almost three times the number who
chose cartoon books, the second highest choice.

Students choosing textbooks, however, accounted for only 7.5 percent
among the children. The top choices were a cell phone, cartoon books,
game machines and MP3 music players.


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