November 16, 2007

NEWS / WORKSHOPS / FESTIVALS: Dubai International Film Festival Introduces United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) One Minute Film Workshops For Youth,‘OneMinutesJr’ Films To Screen At Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) 2007

I am actually sending this from the workshop in Dubai!


Dubai International Film Festival Introduces United Nations
Children's Fund (UNICEF) One Minute Film Workshops For Youth
'OneMinutesJr' Films To Screen At Dubai International Film
Festival (DIFF) 2007

*Dubai, UAE - November 15, 2007*: The Dubai International Film Festival
(DIFF) today announced the conclusion of its successful 'OneMinutesJr'
video production workshop for youth in Mumbai, with plans for future
sessions in Dubai and Cairo, in partnership with the United Nations
Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Participants at the 5-day workshops received guidance in camera skills,
shot and sound choices, story development and basic editing.
The result is a collection of 60-second videos by artists of ages 12-20,
showing the needs, dreams, wishes or problems of teenagers from their
own perspective, which will be screened at DIFF 2007.

DIFF Chairman Abdulhamid Juma said: "Nurturing developing filmmakers is
one of our most important goals, and this initiative provides young
people with a unique opportunity to learn camera, story development,
media, cooperation and creative thinking skills that will serve them for
a lifetime of artistic output.

The locations for the workshops were chosen because they are already
locations of strong filmmaking communities, and because Dubai is a place
that unites the East and West, and the people of the subcontinent and
the Arab world. DIFF itself is a melting pot of cinema, with important
works from across the globe all under one umbrella."

Karen Cirillo, Executive Producer, Children's Broadcasting Initiatives,
UNICEF, commented on the OneMinutesJr. initiative: "We are eager to
expand this important initiative throughout the world, and are excited
to have partnered with a high-profile event that aims to expand the
filmmaking community throughout the region. Film is the ideal instrument
for young people to express themselves and to learn about each other,
since the visual language needs no translator.

In the 5 years since UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation developed the
OneMinutesJr. project, young people all over the world have weighed in
on themes such as self-image, children's rights, and 'inside out.' We
are looking forward to seeing the work from the DIFF projects in
December 2007."

UNICEF has conducted a pan-African workshop in South Africa and two
workshops in the DR Congo. They have also organized one minute workshops
Delhi, Manila and Amman on the subject of child rights in honor of the
18th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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