November 17, 2007

ARTICLES / ICT: Technology empowers youth, youth will empower Turkey

Technology empowers youth, youth will empower Turkey

Itir Akdogan

Helsinki - It is now easier to access information whenever you need it.
You can find a hotel on an interactive map, and book a hotel room from
anywhere in the world. You can pay a bill in the middle of the night in
your pyjamas and share photos with friends around the globe, all in less
than a second. One-third of the world's population has access to the
websites that enable these processes through the internet. Amazing,
isn't it?

It is also amazing because these hundreds of millions of dollars worth
of tools are second nature to young people, and in many cases, it is
individuals in their twenties who are driving these innovations. These
young adults, born to the Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) generation, have focused their knowledge, energy and innovative
ideas to make better use of online technology.

Young adults are the most important group in the networked society of
our Information Age. They have grown up with information technology and,
with this comfort-level and ability, they have developed from kids
obsessed with video games to become technology experts and entrepreneurs.

Using ICT in a meaningful way is now the golden key to success for
youth. The "e" of "electronic" that we put in front of so many words
today also denotes other vital "e" words, such as education, employment,
entrepreneurship, and entertainment. It is therefore crucial to empower
youth through ICT, especially in the developing world, in an effort to
bridge the digital divide.


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