December 12, 2006

TRAINING: "When a video camera is no longer a strange thing for an Acehnese"

When a video camera is no longer a strange thing for an Acehnese
12-12-2006 (Jakarta)

A professional video camera was once used to be a strange thing for Hanum, a
young female university student from Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Let alone
various other devices related to camera that are usually used by
professionals to produce video documentary. But now those equipments are no
longer something strange to Hanum.
"Before, I understood nothing at all about video production. But through
this training workshop I have acquired a very useful skill for the
empowerment of myself in particular, and the people of Aceh in general," she
said with a happy voice and face, referring to the basic training on video
production that she just completed.

The training was organized by UNESCO's office in Jakarta from 23 to 28
November 2006 in Banda Aceh, , using funds donated by Switzerland through a
direct fund raising efforts made by UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, in the
aftermath of the tsunami that hit Aceh in December 2004. The training was
held at the Communication and Cultural Centre (CCC) in Banda Aceh that was
established in June by UNESCO Jakarta with support from UN OCHA's flash
appeal funds for tsunami.

The main objective of the training was to provide the participants with
basic skills on documentary video production, so that they can utilize the
skills to produce documentary on the richness of Aceh culture and the
resilience of its people to face challenges, including the tsunami, that can
be used as cultural expression.

Hanum now can play with the camera, and use it to shot subjects that
interest her. She finds the training was very useful. And she was not alone
in enjoying the usefulness of the training. There were 11 other
participants, most of them university students, who were selected to join
the training. The news on the training was announced through Radio Nikoya,
which was destroyed by the tsunami but rebuilt with UNESCO's assistance.

"I am so pleased too to see the enthusiam of the participants during the
training, and how fast they learned about something completely new to them,"
said the trainer, Anita Schillhorn Van Veen.

The two documentaries that the trainees produced during their training were
screened at the CCC on the final night which received a warm welcome by the
audience; some of them were ordinary people living nearby. There is another
good news: their works are also invited to be screened in a Documentary Film
Festival that will be held in Yogyakarta, mid December 2006.

"We hope this training will continue with an advance one," says Mahruza
Murdani, one of the participants who also joined the selected group for
Training for Trainer session.



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