December 11, 2006

PROJECTS: Youth Media on the Shetlands

A NEW club set up by young people interested in film and media is to be launched in Shetland this winter.

The club is aimed at youths aged 11 to 23 who want to learn new skills and gain experience to get ahead in the media industry.

Shetland does not provide a lot of opportunity for those looking at getting a job in any kind of media because it is so remote, which means those that want the experience needed to get a job usually move away from the islands.

The youngsters behind the club have won the support of local arts agency Shetland Arts. Project manager Alex Cluness said: "The idea for the club came from the kids themselves, when I got a letter asking if we would help them set up their own independent group.

"It just so happened that next year the arts trust was planning on unveiling its first dedicated film programme, so we were delighted to get the ball rolling early."

The pending construction of a new cinema and music venue in Shetland means there will be a lot of film and media activity going on in the islands in the future.

The new Film and Media Club will encourage young people to develop their skills, so that it may lead to the chance of studying at film school during the summer.

The club is open to anyone that is looking at writing, filming and editing either as a career path, a hobby or just to have fun.

Shetland Arts and Shetland Islands Council's Youth Issues team will be running the club. They will start having meetings soon and have big ideas for the programme, including writing and producing a feature length film.

Other plans include giving young people with their own ideas the chance to work on their personal projects. There will also be the opportunity to work as part of a team on much bigger projects.

Mr Cluness said there was no reason why youngsters should not be given the chance of making their own feature film.

The club will hold regular workshops and courses run by local experts and enthusiasts. They also want to try and persuade key players from the industry at a national level to provide expertise.

A public meeting is being held in the Islesburgh Community Centre on 7 December at 7pm for people to air their views, suggestions and ideas for the club.

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