November 14, 2006

EXHIBITIONS: 600 OneMinutesJr videos on display at Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, NL

As part of the OneMinutesJr Awards Weekend 2006, 600 films produced by young
people will be featured in Amsterdams "Ketelhuis" from November 17-19, 2006.

screening schedule ketelhuis

het ketelhuis is a cinema in amsterdam, which has just been renovated. its
atmosphere is very relaxed and cosy. during the whole festival weekend
(november 17-19), three screenes will be showing one minute videos. one
screen has been reserved for theoneminutesjr and this is what we will show:

19-20 in the netherlands
20-21 portraits of young europeans
21-22 south-east europe
22-23 central europe

13-14 eastern europe and caucasus
14-14.30 across the mediterranean
15-16 lecture by professor hiroaki sato (japan) on his own work and his
selections for the finalists of the competition category best of the world
16-17 in the netherlands
17-18 central europe
18-19 the north
19-20 south east europe
20-21 uk and ireland
21-22 portraits of young europeans
22-22.30 benelux

13-14 south east europe
14-15 the north
15-16 uk and ireland
16-17 portraits of young europeans

tickets are available at the ketelhuis



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