October 17, 2006

AWARDS: TeleRadio Moldova nominated for ICDB Award 2005

TeleRadio Moldova nominated for ICDB Award 2005

TeleRadio Moldova was nominated for this year's ICDB Award with its production "Hai sa jucam!" ("Let's play!"). Other nominees come from Syria, Spain, The Gambia, Colombia and Bangladesh for the award which is co-presented annually by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and UNICEF to help broadcasters worldwide promote awareness of children's issues.

The Programme ?Let?s Play? was produced and broadcast on ICDB 2005 by TeleRadio Moldova with support from UNICEF Moldova. It included a live talk show and video reports from different activities highlighting the role of sports in children?s development, in improving their lives, in teaching them important lessons about conflict resolution, respect, leadership, rights and equality.

The talk-show was moderated by young journalists Daniela Babici (15) and Dumitru Antoceanu (23) who hosted two teams in the TV studio: A team of young journalists and a team of adult journalists of Moldova.

The show had inserts - video reports and interviews done by young journalists, presenting different sports and development activities organized between October and December, 2005. It included footage from the sports games ?Friendship, Creativity and Sport? held in October, 2006 in a camping area where 10 teams of children from different regions of Moldova competed under the slogan ?Sport unites us?, from a sports competition among children?s teams from form residential institutions and from sports training in a community Center for Children with Limited Opportunities.

In the studio, the presenters moderated sport-games between the winning teams from the 16th Edition of the sports games ?Friendship, Creativity and Sport?. Teams of young and adult journalists competed with each other in quizzes on sports and different games.

Other entries from the CEECIS region for the 2005 ICDB Awards came from Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. An international jury with TV professionals from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), TSR (Switzerland) and Webstyle-TV (a.o.) selected "Let's Play!" from Moldova as the regional winner. TeleRadio Moldova will now represent the CEECIS region at this year's ICDB Awards in New York City in November 2006.

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