August 25, 2006

NEWS: Towards quality children´s TV for Latin America

Towards quality children´s TV for Latin America

The goal is noble and audatious: to create on the medium run a Latin American children´s TV channel which contemplates the rich cultural diversity of the region. The creation of an inventory of all audiovisual productions aimed at children and adolescents is the first step required to establish the proposal, led by Colombian channel Caracol. The company is calling people, production houses, entities, foundations and public and private organizations who have audiovisual products ready to take part in the project.

According to the TV Caracol representatives, the interested parties should send, as early as possible, general information on their productions ? title, kind, format, number of episodes, duration, synopsis, contacts and data regarding copyrights.

The programs will be assessed. The company will get in touch with the copyright owners of the selected programs. ?Each negotiation will be conducted in an individual way, according to the political formalities for purchasing foreign materials established by the Caracol Channel with distributors from throughout the world?, explain the project organizers.

The information should be sent to Diego Izquierdo, general producer of the children´s department at Caracol Channel. ?To count on a channel with content that is suitable for the Latin American children is an old wish. The goal is to qualify television for children and adolescents?, says Diego.
The proposal of Caracol Channel has the support from Unicef Colombia, the La Iniciativa de Comunicación organization, the Citurna Cinema and Video Productions and the Goethe Institute.

Write down the contacts

Diego Izquierdo /
Telephone - 571 6 430 430
Address - Calle 103 # 69b-43
Bogotá - Colombia

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