June 30, 2006

STUDIES: Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights 2007-2008

Posting for Sarah Bruchez, IUKB
Subject: Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights 2007-2008

Sarah Bruchez
Programme Secretary
Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB)
MAS in Children's Rights
P.O. Box 4176 * CH - 1950 Sion 4
Tel. +41 27 205 73 06 * Fax +41 27 205 73 01
E-mail: sarah.bruchez@iukb.ch - internet:www.iukb.ch/mcr


Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights

Call for applications for the 2007-2008 postgraduate programme in Children?s Rights

The Master of Advanced Studies in Children?s Rights (MCR) is a part-time two-year postgraduate programme in children's rights, which is jointly organised by the Law School and the Institute for family research and counselling at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), associated with the International Institute on children?s rights (IDE), both in Sion (Switzerland)..  The MCR is an interdisciplinary and international programme which attracts a diverse range of graduate students from all over the world. The 2007-2008 cycle of this two-year programme will begin on 12 February 2007 and the deadline for applications is 15 September 2006.


The programme is designed for professionals who work with children?s rights issues, these may include; lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, judges, social workers, government officials, staff from non-governmental organisations, academics and journalists.


The programme takes place over a two-year period and requires participants to attend four week-long residential Modules per year. In addition to the residential Modules and the completion of exercises and examinations based on the required course reading materials, students are also expected to devise an individual training programme which consists of a segment of practical experience (internship) in an organisation other than their workplace, the preparation of an observation report on their own workplace and the completion of a Master?s thesis. Each residential module has a specific theme: (1) Children's rights in context, (2) International legal instruments on children's rights, (3) The general principles of the CRC, (4) Child labour, (5) Violence against children, (6) Juvenile justice, (7) Child protection and (8) Implementation and monitoring strategies. The compulsory residential modules all take place in Switzerland, and alternate between the IUKB in Sion and the University of Fribourg.


The tuition fee is CHF 10,500 (approximately 6,700 Euros / 8,250 USD); this sum does not include travel and living expenses.


For further information on the Master of Advanced Studies in Children?s Rights, please see the information provided on the web site www.iukb.ch/mcr, or contact: Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), MAS in Children?s Rights, P.O. Box 4176, CH ? 1950 Sion 4, tel. +41 (27) 205 73 00, fax +41 (27) 205 73 01, e-mail: mcr@iukb.ch.



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