June 29, 2006

RESOURCES: How to Make Grassroot Comics

How to Make Grassroot Comics

World Comics has developed a series of guides to help social activists in various fields to use comics as a communication medium. According to World Comics, activists, who have very little or no experience with drawing, can learn how to put their ideas across, using comics wallposters. Grassroots comics are usually developed by individuals in the community that the comic is intended for, rather than a professional artist, as this will encourage a storyline more appropriate to the audience. Grassroots comics are also usually in a format that requires few resources and is easy to reproduce - such as in black and white on A4 size paper.

The resource collection includes information about how to make wallposter comics and eight-page booklets. Wallposter comics are pasted up on walls and similar places to create interest in the community. Guidance is provided on format, creating the story, placing text and pictures, adding depth and perspective, drawing people and sound, putting up the posters and samples of comics. There is also information about how to develop and run a comics workshop. Each of the following resources may be accessed in PDF format or online:
  • Wallposter comics manual (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese)
  • Comprehensive manual (Swahili)
  • How to run a wallposter comics workshop (English)
  • Training plan for wallposter comics workshop (English)
  • How to make wallposter comics (English, Finnish)
  • How to make eight-page booklet comics (English)
  • How to make eight-page accordion minibooklet comics (English)

Click here for this resource online.

Click here for How to Make Campaign Comics

Publisher: World Comics
Cost: Free to download
Language(s): English, French, Arabic, Swahili, Portuguese, Finnish
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World Comics website

World Comics website, April 6 2006.
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