March 3, 2006

EVENTS: European Week of Media and Minorities 2006

Anybody from this list doing anything special on this event?



European Week of Media and Minorities 2006

In 2006 the European Week of Media and Minorities will take place between 20 and 26 March, as 21 of March, UN Day Against Racism, has been kept as a central date.

NGOs, community media, radios, research institutes and many other partners are organising events ranging from 24-hour radio broadcasting marathons to media monitoring, from book presentations to the publication of articles and researches related to the subject.

Previous editions

In 2003/04, the European Day of Media Monitoring (EDMM) project was pioneered, involving activities in sixteen European countries. 
The EDMM was proposed as the first of an annual international event, in which minority organisations and multicultural NGO?s monitor the media output and use the results to establish a dialogue with journalists on the media's representation of minority groups.

In 2005, a 'Week of Action' took place between 17 and 23 March 2005.  The name was changed in European Week of Media and Minorities (EWMM).

Reports and activities highlighting good and bad practices, showing both journalists and minority communities new ways to promote fair and inclusive reporting on the multicultural society, seminars and roundtable meetings bringing media professionals and public officials together with minority groups, and several other activities were organized during that week.

Last year?s events can still be found in the Country Section below.

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If your organisation wants to join the European Week of Media and Minorities 2006 and stage an event, contact us at

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