July 4, 2005

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SOURCE: Email from Sherry Handel - Blue Jean Publishing
Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing (Blue Jean Press) by Sherry Handel (www.sherryhandel.com)
BlueJeanOnline.com, the popular website written for and by young women around the world is no longer in publication. Loyal website visitors will be happy to know that the book, Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing is available and features the best of the publication's articles, personal stories and essays.
Blue Jean holds fresh and uplifting insights on topics from body image and confidence, ethnicity and racism to the pitfalls and triumphs of everyday living. It reveals the originality possible when media is created by its own demographic. No mainstream teen magazine can compare in authenticity and honesty to Blue Jean because Blue Jean is the only publication teenage girls control and write for themselves. It reads like a breath of fresh air.
Thank you,
Sherry Handel
PO Box 67111
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467
Phone: (617) 325-9852


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