November 17, 2004

NEWS / AWARDS: Nominees for the OneMinutesJr Award 2004

14 films have been nominated for the OneMinutesJr Award 2004. The pre-selection was done by the BBC (UK) and SVT (Sweden), the jury for the final selection consists of three people: Two young filmmakers - Ellada Kiryakulova () from Azerbaijan & Bektour Sydykov () from Kyrgyzstan - and the Hungarian filmmaker Moldovanyi Ferenc.
The winners will be announced at the OneMinutesJr Award in Amsterdam, NL, on Sunday, November 21st, 2004 - here are the nominees with links to their films on
- Carousel by Arpine Grigoriyan (Armenia)
- Chalk painting by Nariheh Daneghyan (Armenia)
- Mafiosi by Jom Samah & Julian Wolf (Holland)
- Blip! by Vilhelmina Szpiro (Sweden)
- Revolution by Mikael Bundsen (Sweden)
- Scars by Mariana Mirza  (Rep of Moldova)
- Lost communication by Eric Gustafsson (Sweden)
CATEGORY "INSIDE - OUT" (on social inclusion) 
- And you are the one who has the right to vote... by Sofia Pensar (Finland)
- Sleeping at the orphanage by Tatiana Panait (Romania)
- Bugs love by Vitalie Stasii (Moldova)
- Remember forever by Victoria Nikolenko (Kazakhstan)
- Opportunities by Catalin Lucal (Moldova)
- untitled by Vangel Kirilov Hristov (Bulgaria)
- Bad disease by Ayzada Jarybekova (Kyrgyzstan)

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