November 18, 2004

NEWS: 2004 International Academy/UNICEF Award will recognize best TV programming by children

2004 International Academy/UNICEF Award will recognize best TV programming by children

NEW YORK, 17 November 2004 Â? Every year at the annual International Emmy Awards Gala, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and UNICEF present a special award to the broadcaster whose programming best captures the spirit of the International ChildrenÂ?s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB). 

The winner of the 2004 International Academy/UNICEF Award will be announced at the International Emmy Awards Gala in New York City on 22 November 2004.

The four finalists for the 2004 International Academy/UNICEF Award are: ATN Bangla of Bangladesh; BTV-8 of China; Nation Television of Kenya; and Lao National Television of the Lao PeopleÂ?s Democratic Republic. All of the finalists are broadcasters who have given a central role to children in their programming Â? with outstanding results.

How do they do it?  And what is their approach to working with children? Here are a few details about each finalist and what they did for ICDB in 2003.

Lao National Television produced and broadcast a special childrenÂ?s magazine programme with the goal of promoting girlsÂ? education in the country.  Hosted by youth presenter Sounita Phimmaso, the show included a music video encouraging Lao girls to go to school, as well as a documentary about Maylao, a girl in a remote northern community struggling to continue her education.

In Kenya, National TV created five hours of special programming with the theme Â?We can be HeroesÂ?. The programming included Â?Stolen MomentsÂ?, a story about the impact of HIV/AIDS on young people. It also featured Robin Oyugi, 11, who had the opportunity to meet his role model, a well-known local sports anchor.

With the cooperation of BTV-8, the Chinese office of Walt Disney Television International produced a special feature on a variety of topics, including environment, war, natural history, and the benefits and disadvantages of technological development. Ten young people were involved in the production, and had the opportunity to include their own drawings and stories.

ATN Bangla of Bangladesh gives adolescents the opportunity to produce a weekly 25-minute television programme called Aamra Korbo Joy (Â?We shall overcomeÂ?), which is broadcast on a private satellite channel. One of the weekly programmes, Amrao Pari (Â?We can beÂ?), featured the story of Abdul, 9, who saved the lives of hundreds by averting a train accident.  

About ICDB

The International ChildrenÂ?s Day of Broadcasting gives children and young people the chance to become directly involved with television Â? as reporters, presenters and producers of programmes that express their own dreams and concerns. ICDB is celebrated every December by countless children around the globe. This yearÂ?s Day is Sunday 12 December. Learn more.


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