November 24, 2004


- GIRL ABUSE AND NEGLECT: Canadian Art Project [call for participation]

Growing Up XX is an empowering theatrical travelling stage show for girls of all ages. This two-hour long show will allow girls between the ages of 12 to 24 to express what it is like to be a girl today by telling their own stories of survival. The project will bring back an art form, and style of communication that has been misplaced - the art of story telling.

This show will allow girls from all backgrounds to speak about their experiences - both positive and negative - and what they did and still continue to do to survive. They will express themselves and tell their stories through other forms of artistic expression: dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, song, comedy etc.

The primary objectives of Growing Up XX are:
- to reach as many girls as possible in all communities around the world in order to let them know that they are not alone in their plight
- to heighten awareness of the inequalities and the struggles that girls face in society
- to raise money to fund more programs for girls of all ages through ticket sales and sales of items related to the show

The show is being started in Ontario, Canada. It will then be performed in different communities across Canada, and will hopefully tour the United States, Britain and other countries.

All artistic contributions from girls, including those not featuring in the show, will become part of an Art Display project. All girls are invited to participate by answering the question "What does being a girl mean to you?". The artwork will hopefully be displayed in parliament buildings across the globe for the month of March 2006 (International Women's Worth).

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Growing Up XX

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