June 23, 2015

NEWS / EVENTS: Manchester to host next World summit on media for children in 2017

The event takes place once in three years. 1500 delegates from around the world attend and see the latest goings on in media for children. The summit will take place in December 2017, with a theme 'The Universal Needs of Children'. It will look at empowerment, learning, entertainment, connection and protection through talks, masterclasses, workshop sessions and debates.

WSMCF president Dr Patricia Edgar said, "The members of the Foundation were unanimous in their agreement that Team Manchester's bid was exceptional and one with which WSMCF will be proud to be associated. "We are pleased to be working with one of the world's preeminent producers of media for children in the BBC and to see the emphasis on digital media, the inclusion of a creative children's program and the ambition to leave a genuine legacy following the Summit."

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