May 23, 2015

EVENTS: European Youth Capital 2015

300 youngsters, 7 days, 1 city – Phiren Amenca, the European Youth Capital 2015 and the Platform of Former Volunteers brings together Roma and Non-Roma from all over Europe to become one community, one movement.
Challenge Europe, change your world.
Cluj-Napoca (Romania) was selected to hold the title of the European Youth Capital 2015 – A considerable occasion to raise the voice of Roma youth on a European level!
Our aim is to implement a one-week summer festival from the 12th to 19th of July 2015 in Cluj-Napoca in order to create debate, reflection and common engagement of Roma and Non-Roma youth activists.
We want to enforce the international structure of volunteers, raise the visibility of Roma youth among youth organizations and to share the voice of young Roma within the European Youth Capital and beyond.
In this manner around 300 young Roma and Non-Roma youth activists and youth leaders from more than 15 European countries will be brought together for a multifaceted program, including workshops, interactions with the local communities and an active public event.
The initiators of the event are Phiren Amenca, a Roma organisation based in Budapest and the Platform of Former Volunteers. The latter is a new project by Phiren Amenca for former and current volunteers of the organisation who want to actively engage and exchange experience and knowledge after or during a voluntary service. The Platform is an open space for the development of projects and exchange that are initiated by its members.
We invite you to join us and start a 'Changemakers Movement'!
Why meet in Cluj-Napoca?
Cluj-Napoca stands in the centre of our event for a very specific reason: On 17 December 2010, 76 families were forcibly evicted without adequate notice by local authorities from Coastei Street in the centre of the city of Cluj-Napoca. No consultation with the affected families took place prior to the eviction and no feasible alternatives to the eviction were explored.
Forty of these families were relocated to inadequate housing conditions on the outskirts of the city (in Pata Rat), close to the city's garbage dump and a former chemical waste dump, while the remaining families were left without alternative housing.
We want to share the interests of the communities and show solidarity!
Why promote youth activism?
We believe in the power of strength of young people! Only activism and the engagement of young people can trigger change!
The voice of young people is often ignored or experiences only little recognition. But we are the future and we should be entitled to create a world that is worth living according to our own needs and imagination. For that reason the core of the event are 48-hour-actions in which teams of participants will have to fulfill a specific tasks within 48 hours. Time management, activities, materials and final presentation will be directed by the different teams and will lie within their responsibility. Whatever is discussed, created and evaluated throughout the event-week shall find its expression and realization in one of the 48-hour-actions.
Youth Activism and the 48-hour-actions will be the first step to realise our idea of a diverse and colourful place to live in!
So keres, Europa?! What's up, Europe?! Ce faci, Europa?!
We are asking this question and give answers through our Changemakers Movement! But who is this movement? We are a big group of young activists from Roma and Non-Roma backgrounds studying or working in non-formal education, arts, the voluntary sector and much more! The support from bellydancers, educators, musicians, teamers, drummers and painters is granted so we can create a unique atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Discussion about about history and the Holocaust/Transnistria, discrimination, expression through street art will be stimulated and we will provide the space for actions: music and invisible theatre in the streets of Cluj, a temporary historic exhibition on a central square, our own magazine and various public performances and a big final show!
Join in and be part!
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via:
E-Mail: Address: Phiren Amenca
Erzsebet krt. 17. V./19. 1073

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