March 24, 2015

NEWS / FESTVALS / AWARDS: UNICEF announces winners for short film contest 'Kallola'

On Friday, UNICEF, Odisha in partnership with AAINA (an Odisha based voluntary organisation) announced winners for 'Kallola', a short film contes. The contest had received 27 entries in 30, 60 and 90 seconds' duration based on the theme, 'Ending Violence against Children'.


Launched in October last year, the contest invited entries from professional and amateur filmmakers under four sub themes: Child Labour, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Marriage and Corporal Punishment. A short workshop for filmmakers on communicating issues through short films was held in November 2014.


Five entries were awarded in the award ceremony. While, 'The Voice' by Santosh Panda on child sexual abuse, received the 1st prize, 'Building Knowledge' by Soham Dutta on child labour won the 2nd Prize. 'So Sweet of You' by The Mantrra on child labour received the 3rd Prize. The Jury's Choice award went to 'Chotu' by Biswajit Kuldi. Children's Choice award went to 'The Right Glass' by Biswanath Rath. 


Speaking on the occasion, Yumi Bae, Chief, UNICEF Odisha said, "These short films remind us of the inviolable human rights that each and every child is born with and the responsibility that each of us, as a member of family, community and society have in ensuring that no child is denied his or her basic rights."

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