February 5, 2015

NEWS: Sonia Livingstone: Children’s rights in the digital age

In advance of her 11 February public lecture on the state of children's rights in the digital age, Professor Sonia Livingstone discusses the rights at stake for children worldwide and highlights why we must embed children's rights into the policies and practices concerning "the digital".

Fast-developing information and communications technologies (ICTs) are reshaping children's lives for better and for worse: this is happening already in high-income countries, and expanding rapidly in middle-income countries and increasingly also in low-income countries. More and more children, families, and communities rely on technologies as part of the taken-for-granted infrastructure of everyday life. Almost every aspect of children's lives has an online dimension, whether through their direct engagement with ICT or through the institutional management of contents or services that affect the conditions of children's lives. Indeed, it is becoming hard to draw the line between offline and online.

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