September 22, 2014

Express in One Minute

Today, the OneMinutesJr foundation weeklong workshop with UNICEF Young People's Media CoordinatorChris Schuepp kicked off at Tumo Dilijan. The OneMinutesJr foundation encourages expression, motivating young people around the world to speak their minds and voice their opinions about their communities.


The theme of the workshop is social inclusion and children's rights. Ten participants from Tumo Dilijan and ten young people with special needs from Bridge of Hope NGO will be trained to advocate for their rights through multimedia and produce one minute videos to make their voices heard by a diverse international audience. They are taught how to produce videos through informal learning, encouraging innovation and creativity. The participants' skills in video making are improved as they are limited to expressing themselves by making their views clear and leaving a strong impression in just one minute.


In addition to producing videos, participants will engage in networking, debates and discussions around the theme of social inclusion and how to bridge the gap between the media, arts and young people.


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