September 15, 2014

ARTICLES / NEWS: UNICEF urges children to work with media

From PANIC CHILUFYA in Windhoek

CHILDREN in southern Africa have been challenged to have their voices heard by partnering with the media in highlighting their vulnerability and improving their status in the region.
The Convention on the Rights of Children which started 25 years ago in 1989 charts the progress of children from infancy to childhood to adulthood and along the way there are so many challenges that can only be resolved when media, civil society, governments and all stakeholders address them collectively.

Unicef Namibia Chief of Health, Myo-Zin Nyunt was speaking when he presented the State of the World’s Children Overview of key issues affecting children in southern Africa during a two-day regional meeting of ‘Children and Media’ partners summit here on Friday.

The summit was hosted by MISA regional secretariat and supported by the Save the Children International.

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