August 14, 2014

ARTICLES: 3 Reasons Children Need A Video Game Vacation And 1 Reason They Don't

Our fondness for digital connectivity exists in parallel to our skeptical apprehension. We’re tortured by our own anxiety. These days, most adults spend the majority of their time staring at screens. We use laptops, tablets, and smartphones. So-called ‘digital literacy’ is a prerequisite to professional success. However, folks also regularly post social media updates lauding the bliss that comes with the experience of temporary disconnection.

When it comes to our children we are equally conflicted. We project our ambivalence into our parenting conventions. On the one hand, we recognize the importance of a familiarity with screen based interactions. On the other hand, we worry that if they mediate their entire experience through a virtual interface they will lose the ability to relate to the physical world.

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