May 29, 2014

ARTICLES: A one-minute life story

This year’s annual Unicef Hong Kong video-making campaign hopes to inspire youngsters to create films focusing on their concerns

By Joyee Chan

A minute is barely enough time to drink a small carton of milk, read a page of a newspaper or pack your schoolbag. So, if you make a movie that is only 60seconds long, it will take great deal of creativity to tell a meaningful story, says videographer Chris Schuepp.

Scheupp works at Unicef's regional office for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and teaches students around the world to make short videos.

His latest recruits are 15 students from the Juvenile Care Centre Chan Nam Cheong Memorial School, in Aberdeen.

They took part in workshops run as part of the annual Unicef Hong Kong's "Believe in Zero, Make A Video" campaign.

This year, the project wants to explore the different concerns of teenagers, especially those who feel marginalised, labelled or misunderstood by society.

"When young people are labelled, they begin to doubt their character and ability," says Sofia Fung, Unicef's assistant manager of education.

"We want them to find their self-worth and confidence again by speaking up through videos."

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