April 9, 2014

EVENTS / COURSES: Eurovision Academy Master Class: Digital media literacy for younger audiences

Not promoting this, just putting it out for your information. Check the website for prices and dates.

"Rapid transformations in the digital media landscape have put increasing pressure on individuals to navigate highly complex technologies, risking digital exclusion, consumer detriment, low participation and growing inequality” (LSE 2013 Media Policy Briefing)

Promoting media literacy is a public service media commitment and PSM organizations are in a unique position to help audiences develop their digital media literacy skills and confidence to fully participate in modern society.

  • But what are the essential elements required to create an effective strategy for promoting digital media literacy?
  • What do existing initiatives from PSM organizations look like?
  • What role can PSB organizations play?

In addition to answering these questions, this Master Class will also help broadcasters and partners create new dynamic project ideas, designed toimprove the digital media literacy skills of audiences, especially children.

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