March 14, 2014

NEWS / PROJECTS: Syria: TV program for children

The civil war in Syria has left many children severely traumatized. Project manager Birgitta Schülke reports on how a new children's TV show is aiming to bring a touch of normality back into their lives.

"We want to watch the show! We want to watch the show!" chant forty young school children sitting in a small stuffy classroom on the Turkish- Syrian border. They are refugees and impatient for the TV show to start. We're here to present the first edition of "Yalla Nehna" ("Let's get going!") and to get their reactions. But there's suddenly a power failure and screening becomes a distant prospect. It's just one of the many challenges we've been facing during the past three months.

The project was sparked by an idea to design a TV program for Syrian children - the most vulnerable group in this conflict. More than a million Syrian children are currently on the move and constantly being confronted with violence. Many have not attended school for months.

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