January 24, 2014

ARTICLES: Post-2015: The voice of young Kosovo

The Post2015 Campaign in Kosovo reached out to 20,000 youths in 12 municipalities throughout all regions of Kosovo. The goals of the campaign were to raise awareness of theexisting Post2015 Kosovo report drawn from the consultation phase, as well as to reflect on the findings of the report by providing a platform for debate. At the heart of the Post2015 Campaign Kosovo was the idea that the youths have a right to influence and shape decision-making. The importance of many individual voices acting together as a critical mass to influence the priorities for change in the Post2015 development agenda was the starting point of every encounter we had with Kosovan youths.

Over the summer of 2013, our Post-2015 team travelled across Kosovo, meeting with young people to get their feedback on issues ranging from social problems to their dreams and aspirations. Thoughts and opinions differed, but all of the communities we traveled to had one important thing in common: a multitude of passionate personalities keen to be involved in the project, determined to voice the concerns and the hopes of their communities.

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