January 10, 2014

ARTICLES: Internet-savvy youth set ,to shape 2014 elections (INDONESIA)

Digital activism, across all social media platforms, initiated by young people in the country is expected to flourish this year as the elections are just around the corner.

Additionally, as the number of this group — who are between 17 and 30 years old — represents around 60 percent of social media users today, with 13 percent of them having been engaged in the digital world for the past five years, winners and losers during the election can see how they are perceived online.

“Young people are going to be a very important element in political activities this year because when they share any issue online, they create room for others to listen or engage with them,” Pamflet website coordinator Raka Ibrahim said in Jakarta on Tuesday on the sidelines of discussion on the Netizen Activity Projection in a Political Year.

“This positions youth as the newsmakers — particularly when they are posting live tweets — and news consumers, as well as a group who shares news with the public.”

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