December 5, 2013

NEWS / AWARDS: Council of Europe honors director

The jury of the Council of Europe Raoul Wallenberg Prize awarded its first-ever prize to Elmas Arus, a young Roma film director from Turkey. The 2014 prize recognizes Arus’ outstanding contributions to raising awareness about the conditions of the Roma people in Turkey and elsewhere. 

 “The hard work carried out by Arus, with courage and perseverance, is a truly impressive contribution to the fight against deep-rooted prejudice and discrimination suffered by Roma populeated an hour-long documentary on the challenges of the different Roma groups in Turkey. Subsequently, Arus established the Zero Discrimination Organization, which has paved the way for other similar groups: there are now over 200 Roma associations in Turkey. Her work has played a crucial role in the elaboration of the Turkish government’s “Roma opening” policy of 2009.

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