October 7, 2013

EVENTS: 27th International Children’s Film Festival (PAKISTAN)

Pakistani children to participate as international jurists 

LAHORE: A group of two children from Pakistan is all set to participate as members of the International Children's Jury in the 27th International Children's Film Festival, Isfahan. 

The festival is taking place from October 7 to 13 in Isfahan, Iran. The Little Art's Lahore International Children's Film Festival has collaborated with Isfahan Festival for the initiative.

The two children are Warda Waqar, an 8th grade student from The Punjab School, Lahore, and Omar Nazir, an 8th grade student from Lahore American School. 

The children were selected through an open call to schools on the given criteria of children's interest in filmmaking and ability to analyse films for their peer groups. Omar Nazir also has made a short film which was premiered in this year's Lahore International Children's Film Festival.

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